8/17/19 RIP Rick Hughes.  We miss and love you!  Thanks for all the great music to dance!

8/2/19 Ricky "The Saxman" Hughes playing his Sax to "Summer of 69" with The Full House Band video captured by Claudia Bleil. Last memory of our beloved DJ.

7/5/19 DJ Ricky Hughes singing "Brown Eyed Girl" thanks for capturing the video Joe Patrick and sharing with us.

9/20/19 DJ Rock Dog in the house at Hawk Hollow.  Join us for the hottest DJ music.  Taking your request for your favorite music to dance.

Dance in Lansing

at Hawk Hollow in Lansing


Home of the largest patio dance party in Michigan with a live band first Friday of June, July, August and September!

9/20/19 Learn to Dance Nightclub Two-Step with Claudia Bleil.

7/5/19 DJ Ricky singing "The Wanderer" with his friends The Sea Cruisers Band on the patio at Hawk Hollow.

Home of the largest Patio Dance Party in Michigan! 

#1 Dance Party in Lansing!

Friday 9/20/19 TGIF Dance Party with DJ Rock Dog in the house at Hawk Hollow 8 PM-12 AM!

Learn to Dance NIghtclub Two-Step with Claudia Bleil before the dance 7:15-7:45 PM!

Complimentary dance lesson & dinner buffet included in price of admission for only $15!
Home of the largest summer patio party in Michigan!
#1 Dance Party in Lansing!
Everyone welcome!

Doors open at 7 PM!

Appreciate your support of the dance and it's continued success!

Coffee & Water Provided
* Free Refills on Soft Drinks * Cash/Credit Bar * Large Dance Floor * Table Seating * Ample Parking * Door Prize Drawing at 11 PM* 1/2 Off Admission Week of Your Birthday * Bring Someone New and Both Pay Only $12



20-TGIF Dance Party with DJ Rock Dog.  Celebrate the Fall Equinox wear fall colors.  Learn to Dance Nightclub Two-Step with Claudia Bleil.

27-TGIF Dance Party with DJ Michael Jackson upstairs at Hawk Hollow.  Learn to Dance Texas Waltz with Claudia Bleil.


4-TGIF Dance Party with DJ Jim Kitchen.  Learn to Dance Foxtrot with Claudia Bleil.

11-TGIF Dance Party with DJ Rock Dog.  Dress Country.  Learn to Dance East Coast Swing with Claudia Bleil.

18-TGIF Dance Party with DJ Michael Jackson.  Learn to Dance Rumba with Claudia Bleil.

25-TGIF Dance Party with DJ Ben Kitchen.  Learn to Dance Stationary Cha-Cha with Claudia Bleil.


1-TGIF Annual Thriller Halloween Dance Party.  Prizes for best costume.